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Roofing America is the most trusted roofing company in Wisconsin. We earn our clients’ trust by going the extra mile for them. We communicate proactively and make sure every detail is perfect, no matter the scope of the project. Our 20 years of experience with roofs, gutters, and more make us the only answer to all of your roofing needs. Trust us with the roof of your home or business, and we’ll surpass your expectations.

Roofing America is led by Dan, who has more than two decades of experience in roofing. He learned on the job and has seen pretty much everything. There’s no situation or challenge you can throw at him and his crew that they won’t be able to solve. This is what makes Roofing America so special. We’re small enough to attend to every detail and large enough to handle any challenge.

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When you need roofing done right, choose Roofing America. Our skilled, hardworking team of experts will work collaboratively with you to ensure our solutions respect your property, your budget, your needs, and your timeline. Get in touch today to get started.