4 Benefits Of Getting Your Roof Inspected After A Storm

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4 Benefits Of Getting Your Roof Inspected After A Storm

The damages that may have occurred to your roof following a severe storm could create potentially dangerous situations for your home. Because of this, it’s vitally important that you have your roof inspected by the professional team of roofers at Roofing America following severe weather in the Midwest. We can help you determine whether you need repairs or even an entire roof replacement to keep your family safe.

roof with new shingles

Professional Analysis of Roof Integrity By Proven Professionals

A roofing inspection from Roofing America begins with a general assessment of the structural integrity of your roof. This inspection includes carefully examining the supports around your roof, as well as where your roof could have been compromised by rain, snow, ice, or fallen tree limbs. These damages aren’t always immediately apparent, but a roofing professional can spot these problems with their specialized training.

damaged shingles and gutters

Shingle Inspection

Unfortunately, shingles are almost always the first victims when severe weather impacts your roof. Our roof inspectors will examine your roof to see if shingles are missing or damaged, and how severe the damage is that occurred. Finding these damaged spots is important to keep moisture from gaining access to your internal roof structure. If damage occurred to your shingles during freezing temperatures, it’s possible that moisture collected under your shingles is creating an ice dam, potentially causing damage to your roof. These can be difficult to spot to the untrained eye.

roofing inspector checks insulation for leaks

Checking for Damaging Leaks

During a severe weather event, it’s possible that leaks may have opened up in your roof, allowing moisture to seep in and potentially damage your roof’s internal structures. Sometimes these leaks are hard to spot, as they can be hidden under shingles or around your roof’s flashings. Roofing America’s inspectors are adept at finding these leaks and addressing them before they become a major problem.

roof damaged by fallen tree

Assistance in Filing Insurance Claims

When your roof is damaged during a storm, it’s always beneficial to file the proper insurance claims. Roofing America specializes in helping our customers with their roofing insurance claims, helping to get the best payout possible. We’re fluent with the insurance process throughout the Wisconsin and the Midwest — trust us to help you with your claim to give you peace of mind and help you save time and money!

If your roof has been damaged by severe weather in Wisconsin, contact the friendly professionals at Roofing America for fast, high-quality roofing services. We’re here for you when you need us!

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